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The delightful moments of parenthood

This morning, SethCohen was picking up the kids for carpool. Since I'm actually trying to exercise in the mornings these days, on days Seth and EstherChaya carpool, I dress and daven after Aaron gets picked up. So I was dressed in my workout clothes (shorts and t-shirt) and bereft of house key when Seth arrived.

(You can all see what's coming, can't you).

Sure enough, as I am helping Aaron out the door, he pulls the front door closed behind him. And I get to experience one of these awful moments of parenthood because I am now locked out of my house. And not only is it not Aaron's fault, but we have been working very hard on making sure he actually closes the door behind him (he usually forgets). So this morning, of course, he actually remembers, and is pleased that he remembers because Aaron likes remembering to do the right thing.

I managed to keep it down to one strangled groan and an anguished "you didn't close the door, did you?" Before I recovered myself to say "it's not your fault sweetie. I'll be fine. You go to school."

I'm pleased to report my house is secure and all the doors stay locked.

Happily, my housemate Greg heard me tap on the window (he was working on his computer using headphones to listen to Wagner) and let me in.

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