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Link Harvest: Link Harvest on Telecom Strategy

Amusingly, the folks at Think Progress got a copy of this strategy power point prepared by Americans for Prosperity to fight NN. It is patterned on the "successful" campaign to stop "Obamacare." Of course, by "successful," I mean "did not actually stop things."

The Republicans and the conservatives have run into what I call the "Hamas problem." Every time Israel does something Hamas doesn't like, Hamas vows retribution. Problem: Hamas is already committed to Israel's destruction and is in armed struggle against it. The result is that Hamas threats have zero impact. Not because Hamas does not seek to carry out its threats -- it does. But because there is no action or behavior that does not yield the same response.

With the exception of the Blue Dogs, the Dems have pretty much figured this out. They are also discovering that -- much as they may not like it -- they absolutely need the net roots.

Which brings us to the mythical center -- which frankly does not give a crap. Non-stop assault has pretty much desensitized the majority of people on these issues. As long as activists on both sides produce similar tallies in member offices, this issue is just not gonna matter to an electorate that keeps hearing how everything is gonna cost jobs.

Sure, the vast majority of people surveyed will say they oppose "regulation of the internet." At the same time, the vast majority of people oppose their ISP blocking websites or choosing what applications they can run. The majority of people are "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with their internnet access service. And the majority of people think it is too expensive, do not believe they get the speed they pay for, and that they get lousy customer service.

That's not a guess. I've seen polling on all these issues. Even when the polls are not push-polls, the vast majority of people can hold these apparently contradictory views because they have been beaten into submission and become helpless cow-sumers. So they are "satisfied" or "Very satisfied" because their expectations have become so minimal, to the point they are satisfied the damned thing works even if they think they are overcharged by a-holes who rip them off.

It's pathetic, but it also means they will not rise in protest at the thought that the government is "regulating the internet."

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