osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Old Marion Is Gone. The World Is Diminished.

goldsquare wrote this. It captured what I wanted to say so well, I asked for permission to reprint.

I have this wistful sad feeling on the passing of Marian.

We were not close, she and I. We never visited, or shared tea. I would not be on her list of people to call.

But I recognize that she was one of a handful of people who had a PROFOUND impact in shaping one of my intentional communities, and that she made it a better community. That she had beautiful values to share, and that she shared them. That she was brave in her knowledge and wise in her advice to others - if sparing. Her quiet confidence and good nature rang a loud bell.

She was gently funny in a way that did no harm, she was bountiful in sharing what she could with anyone, she always dealt fairly.

And, when I was callow and raw, and not (I think) her sort of person at all, she was always good to me whenever we met.

If I feel her loss, what can it possibly be like for the many many people to whom she felt so close, and who were her very best? It is unimaginable.

So, have a thought for that rara avis, a wise woman, always a lady, kind to all, generous without reservation. There can never be enough of them, and Marian was amongst them.

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