osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Whacky Pennsic A&S Rule Relating To Minors

Can someone more plugged into SCA politics tell me what the $#@! is up with this new policy on minors at A&S classes?

As I understand it, the Pennsic University staff decided they wanted something even more strict than Society Standard for attendance at official "Pennsic University" A&S classes. Why? What is up with this? Has there been a problem of unruly teens disrupting A&S classes? Heck, I've known teenagers under 18 who could _teach_ A&S classes.

I also got to ask, is this another year when the Midrealm is running Pennsic? I notice a serious uptick in bureaucratic nonsense when the Midrealm is running things, which then invariably gets continued the next year.

But seriously, is there anything going on here besides the usual antipathy of some adults for teenagers?

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