osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Here's what I've been working on for what seems like forever

Comments on appropriate legal framework for broadband access

Actually, I am really proud of my legal team. I did not have to draft all this myself. Despite the fact that we filed a Supreme Court brief last week and major FCC comments on Tuesday, our team was also able to produce this. It helps that we had phenomenal summer interns this year (were this a private firm, I would no doubt be fighting my selection committee to make offers to all four of them).

I was, however, amused at something that got appended to the opening paragraph"
"This mature market deserves a mature regulatory framework."

I had not actually thought of Title II as the sensible shoes of the regulatory world, but I kinda like it. It got me thinking of other tag lines.

"Title II, for when you care about your critical infrastructure."

"Title II, 'cause the Internet is all grown up."

"Title II, are you man enough to protect the public?" (old condom ad I used to see in DC all the time "are you man enough to protect your lover?")

Oh yeah, and we had an earthquake this morning. Or at least what we in the North East think of as an earthquake. You folks from actual earthquake territory can stop laughing now.

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