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OK, totally pissed at ADL over this statement at the moment. It does not help my opinion, I suppose, that I know folks at the Islamic group spearheading this.

First, for what it's worth, it is not a mosque, even though it gets reported as such. It is an Islamic community center, rather similar to the concept of a Jewish Community Center. No, please don't cite to me news articles or other such to dispute this point. Having worked directly with some of the folks involved very briefly when things started to break loose on this (long story), I am not interested in second hand reports.

In any event, it is rather irrelevant. Or perhaps not. Because part of the issue here for me is that if we are really the society we believe we are, then there would be no greater triumph for us than to have a symbol of how Islamic Americans integrate into our society and become American without losing their religion. We make a huge deal about how we are not engaged in a war against "Islam" but only against "terrorists." Turns out, not so much. And the world takes note.

Yesterday, at Boy Scout National Jamboree, there was a huge display of all the various religious organizations that sponsor scouting, as well as notices for all the various religious services available. This included a large display on Islam, with a history of Mosque-chartered troops and a billboard saying "Islamic scouting builds America."

ADL missed an excellent chance to shut up.

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