osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Prop 8 People

Dear Folks pleased with today's ruling because it really shows those other guys what for.

As we all know, it is not enough to be pleased with today's ruling. We could make this all about people having a fundamental right restored. But lets face it, where would the fun be in that? We should definitely go out of our way not merely to celebrate the substance of victory, but to mock those we hate for their intolerance.

Sure, when Brown v. Board of Education was decided, the written accounts from everyone were all focused on the positive. Everyone was all "free at last" and "I have lived to see this day" and nothing about how "man, I bet those segregationists must be shitting bricks!" What a pussy Thurgood Marshal was! He utterly failed to understand that the key element of a victory is to go out of your way to mock and humiliate your opponents and remind them of the contempt you feel for them. Because failing to do so, and merely celebrating a fundamental victory, would be tantamount to . . . something.

So remember, it's not actually about social change or fundamental rights. It's all about feelin' righteous! Rather than rejoicing in people in love getting married, savor instead your mental image of opponents suffering base humiliation beneath your mighty, enlightened heal. Later, you can wonder why conservatives are always such assholes.

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