osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

FCC cancels closed door talks on NN in wake of outcry against Goog-VZ deal.

GigaOm Julius, Man Up! Silicon Valley, Wake Up! Gosh, I wish I'd said something like that. :)

Funny thing, I was late to work this morning because I needed to watch the last ep of the Eccleston Dr. Who, where Rose is sitting with Mickey and her Mom and saying "there is a better way to live! We don't have to just accept what's happening to us! We can do something!" Because, sometimes, I need to remind myself about that. Aaron (now back from Jambo) asked me why I "needed" to watch Dr. Who this morning and I replied: because sometimes, it is important to remember that it's better to stand and fight than cower quietly in the darkness on Level 000. And besides, you never know, a pretty girl in a TARDIS may show up to save you."

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