osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Wherein I defend Mr. Iott

I really hate it when people make an issue out of a total non-Issue.

Mr. Iott, the Republican candidate for a Congressional seat in Ohio, does military recreation. As a WWII enthusiast, he has played the part of both German and US soldiers.

The fact that someone does military recreation does not make them a Nazi, or sympathetic to Nazis. Really. I am not a Jew from 14th Century Cairo, despite the fact that I have played one in the SCA for 20 years. The fact that I used to get dressed up in armor and whack people up the side of the head as part of the East Kingdom army does not mean I am a monarchist.

I am inclined to agree with Mr. Iott that "this is why people do not trust professional politicians." Because people jump all over stupid stuff like this. I wish Mr. Iott's opponent, Ms. Kaptur, had the decency to say: "So my opponent has a hobby of historical recreation. Big deal. The fact that someone plays a Nazi in historic recreation does not mean he is a Nazi. Now lets get back to the actual issues, thank you very much." Sadly, she didn't.

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