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Have not checked this out myself. Haven't had time. Thought the description worthy enough to pass on to others who may or may not be interested.


JVoices seeks to celebrate, grapple with, discuss, honor and embrace the multiplicity of Jewish identities and communities, and to expand our very notion and definition of what Jewishness, Jewish identity, Jewish issues and Judaism means.

We seek to be a resource of fresh and important commentary, as well as community building and support, incorporating and honoring the voices of Jewish academics, religious leaders, advocates, artists and activists who are often not heard from in today's media landscape-many of whom have been historically disfranchised. We seek this because we know that the experiences of our lives, our visions and our struggles with Jewish communities have been at the center-that we have breathed life, culture, intellect, forethought and vision into Jewishness-that we are a bedrock of sustaining Jewish life and growing Jewish life.

We are Jews who believe in, and provide perspectives on, issues of social, economic and racial justice, who embrace progressive politics and emphasize social justice values, faith and relationships-who fight for our communities-in plural because we know that we live in many. We are visionaries and dreamers.

And we seek to challenge each other.

If you are interested in contributing to JVoices, please submit your piece, along with a bio, to the editor at www.jvoices.com


Cole Krawitz

"Wherever/ we protest/ we will go planting// Wherever/ I walk/ I will make." -- Muriel Rukeyser

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