osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

So, First Contact Yet?

This Washpo piece suggests that there is a lot of evidence staking up of credible UFO sitings.

Which leads me to the fun question. I've always assumed that it would be hard for organizations like UNIT or Torchwood to exist in the real world because, eventually, someone would notice all the strange dead people and stuff. Plus I'm pretty sure I'd remember being invaded by an alien race. But then I think to myself -- "hey, no one seemed excited about possible UFO appearance over New York City, or the fact that the French government released its UFO files in 2007 and called on all other governments to do the same." So really, how would I know if we had first contact already?

So, question for the collective LJ: How would you expect to know if we had a first contact situation?

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