osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

My Katrina Filk -- Angrier than FilkerDave's

According to today's Washington Post, 46% of the country think that the administration is doing a swell job on Katrina.

Title: New Orleans Sea by Harold Feld copyright 2005
Tune: Paper Sea by Leslie Fish

I lived in New Orleans in the Year 2005
An average Joe who worked his job and struggled to get by
Katrina hit and now I don't know how I will survive
Or if I'll die in the New Orleans Sea

I didn't own an auto so I couldn't drive away
I couldn't buy a ticket for the price I'd have to pay
Mom’s in bed with emphysema, so I guess I’ll choose to stay
No escaping the New Orleans Sea

We'd always known a hurricane might bring the levees down
Massive winds and surging sea could flood “Big Easy” town
But the poor and sick and crippled were abandoned here to drown
We were trapped by the New Orleans Sea

Funds to shore up levees fell to Bush’s budget hack
The trucks to drive the poor away had all gone to Iraq
No way to shore things up in time or bring equipment back!
So we’re facing the New Orleans Sea

Katrina hit, the winds did howl, at last the levees failed
The water filled our tenement no matter how we bailed
I grabbed my mother’s oxygen and on her bed we sailed
Adrift in the New Orleans Sea

I floated with my mother for how long I’ll never know
I cried in helpless anger when her oxygen ran low
Though I kept her above water, still she couldn’t breathe and so
She was drowned by the New Orleans Sea

Two days of thirst and hunger floating on that bed of wood
Then I passed a grocery store and stopped to salvage food
The cops called me a looter and they shot me where I stood
So I fled back to the New Orleans Sea

So I drift upon my mother’s bed and do what all I can
To keep from drowning in the floods or shot upon the land
Victim of an “Act of God” and the stupidity of man!
That created the New Orleans Sea
Created the New Orleans Sea

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