osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

This Is Not A Country Of Grown Ups -- or at least we have too many children voting

OpenLeft notes in this post that a number of states passed the following combination on their ballots.

1. Initiatives to make it harder to raise taxes, or which repealed increases in taxes or fees.

2. Initiatives to add new programs that cost money, with no revenue stream or other obvious means to fund the program.

The exception was MA, where grown ups turned out to vote and defeat an decrease in the state sales tax, and CO, which rejected a number of measures that would have prohibited the state from raising revenue.

I suspect there is probably a Venn Diagram one could draw of people who voted for tax cut and against spending, people who voted for spending and against tax cut, and the overlapping set that says "I don't want to raise taxes but 'hey, that program looks real nice!'" As long as the people in the set represented by the union of the sets of voters for each measure are sufficient to set the policy agenda, we are going to remain in serious trouble.

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