osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Progressives, Stop Embarrassing Me

Dear Fellow Progressives:

Please stop embarrassing me by making it impossible to have an intelligent conversation around Social Security. We are supposed to be the people with ideas. While I am all for keeping benefits at existing levels and preserving this as one of the few social safety net programs available, we are going to need to be able to start having real conversations that look at actual policy and stuff.

Using "death panel" type tactics and calling the deficit reduction commission the #catfoodcommission is not useful. It is stupid. We cannot win using Republican/conservative tactics. Making people more afraid and preventing rational conversation around emotional topics will just drive more elderly voters to the comforting lies of Glenn, Rush, and the rest of the Fear/Echochamber because these guys do it much better than you EVER will.

So seriously, stop. I know you are pissed off and depressed about both the Obama Administration and the election results. But the reaction needs to be well thought out and strategic, not just throwing dumb-ass scary crap all over the place in the hopes that you can panic old people.

Wouldn't it be much better to propose diverting money from corporate welfare programs to pay for maintaining Social Security benefits? Wouldn't it be better to suggest that raising corporate taxes to support enhanced social security benefits is appropriate because of the way companies consistently underfunded their pension obligations and because Wall St. hedge funds crashed everyone's 401(k)? Making these kind of arguments: "Yes, there's a problem, but the solution is to find ways to pay for Social Security rather than to slash benefits" will resonate with older voters who want to keep their benefits and puts the conservatives back on the defensive.

Finally, losing credibility on this front will raise serious credibility issues when the real sh*t goes down.

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