osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

The Anti-Reg Narrative and Industry Sign Off. Lessons from NN.

Extremely interesting to see this narrative develop.

Once upon a time, "industry consensus" was usually sufficient to deliver Republicans on regulatory issues. That was the reason to court industry sign off during Democratic Administrations. If the big boys said they could live with it, then the Rs -- for the most part -- went along.

But the rise of the Tea Party and the hardening of anti-regulatory rhetoric creates a problem for Rs. It is no longer possible to defend an industry compromise as being a reasonable resolution, because any regulation is inherently evil, particularly where the parties have previously dug in on a position.

Accordingly, industry sign off is discounted as coercion. No matter what the industry may actually say about the rules, we don't care because it is a product of coercion.

This should make USF reform especially fun.

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