osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Huffpo Piece on Jewish View On Creationism

Rabbi Adam Jacobs of the Aish Center in NYC writes in this piece that the Jewish view on creationism is hardly monolithic and generally more nuanced, noting that we have Kabbalistic views that put the creation of the universe at about 15 billion years and that you can find Jewish sources of interpretation over the last several thousand years that would fit with current scientific theory.

While true, I never worried about it much. I know that we have a strong tradition for the 6,000 year thing for the beginning of human history, with a tie in that the world ends after 6,000 years (although not only does this require a bunch of leaps of supposition, the same verse cited in Psalms for this makes equal sense for interpretations of 24,000 years or 48,000 years until the world expires). My brief response is: Torah is not a history book, or a science book. Nor is it a standard cosmology.

It's a cook book. :-)

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