osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

I can't believe I have this many friends

I will have to be grumpier.
Work is friggin overwhelming. If I am so $#@! indispensible to the media reform movement, why can't I get paid more? On the plus side, business has taken me to the new Kosher resteraunt downtown twice in the same day. Eli's, the new place, is well managed and food is good. Nice setting just off the Fruit Loop (as the locals call DuPont Circle). Prices reasonable for kosher in downtown DC.

As a consequence of work, I am doing nothing whatsoever to prepare for my Contata gig. Happily, gorgeousgary has agreed to "ghost guitar" for me, so I will rely on his able talents.

Also, due to the Supreme Court's failure to decide the Grokster case, I will not have much interesting to say at my intellectual property panel.


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