osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Need some research help for drash

I got tapped to do the drash this week for seudat shlishit. Could use some research help. I am looking for examples of places where we take precautions for those handling public funds to behave in a manner to avert suspicion. The jumping off point is Midrash Rabbah Shmot 51:6. ["Has not the neck of the Son of Amram grown fat?"] The other example I have is Shekalim 3:2, which dictates that one entering the Treasury Chamber of the Temple may not wear garments with pockets or hems. For if that person will later grow rich, they will say of him "he grew rich stealing from the Temple!" And if he later grow poor they will say of him "God punishes him for stealing from the Temple."

Any help appreciated.

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