osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Yes, I Am Definitely In An Alternate Universe

So teachers are now wealthy fat cats because the average teacher salary is $51K (keeping in mind this is average) and they have actual benefits for which they negotiated?

I suppose it is not so odd, although we will pause for a moment to savor the tragi-comic irony of wealthy talking heads deriding teachers for sucking at the public teat and waging class warfare against formerly middle-class manufacturing sector folks who used to be represented by unions and therefore also used to have decent salaries, defined pensions, and similar benefits.

We generally have had myths of long-suffering teachers on poor salaries. My theory is this has not been true for some time for the simple reason that those professions without union representation got repeatedly screwed. So whereas teachers and other public sector employees remained pretty much in place, relative to the economy, the average wage and benefit package for working class Americans steadily declined.

Apparently, the time has come to change that.

Keep on watching Fox and voting Republican. The rest of us will work on our Mandarin and Portuguese.

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