osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Third and Final Round of Me v. Keen

Day 3 of our Point/Counterpoint on the issue of illegal digital downloads and what ought to be done.

Andrew may call this excuses, but I call it a reality check. The choice isn't between some new law that will stop illegal downloads or doing nothing. Because the technology that makes illegal downloads so easy is the same technology that makes all the good stuff on the Internet happen. New laws like COICA that try to target infringing content by messing with the fundamentals of the Internet that make the copying possible do more harm than good. Existing laws already allow copyright holders to go after the worst offenders. No law can stop all illegal downloads without also crippling the technologies that make the digital future so exciting and so potentially profitable for the artists and creators who can successfully embrace it. But we can use existing laws to work together and limit the damage -- as we do with shoplifting in the physical world. If we can collectively embrace the need to work collaboratively, while simultaneously giving up on the idea that we can "wipe out digital piracy," we can begin to make real progress for creators and consumers alike.

And I iz now a profeshional opinyin ritur. I gots paid real moniez, unlike all dose free bloggings.

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