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Trains and Color War

I recently got pointed to this column by George Will from last month purporting to explain why Liberals love investing in high speed rail. It is a pretty good example of how color war has come to replace serious policy analysis.

Or, as I wrote back in November:
But another truth of modern politics is that for every element of your base, there is an element on the other side that cares just as much as you — but wants exactly the opposite of what you want. If you a progressive who supports investment in high-speed rail projects, there is a conservative group that HAAAAAATES high-speed rail as an Socialistic attempt to force cities to gay marry their infrastructure. If you are against broadcast indecency, there is a group on the progressive side that thinks that if the FCC can fine a radio host named “Buba The Love Sponge” for describing sex acts between children’s cartoon characters in language that no bleeps can hide, then fascism has truly come to ‘Amerika.’ This merely confirms my opinion that American politics is really the result of an unfortunate transporter accident that split the body politic into “Nice Wimpy Kirk” and “Evil Strong Kirk.”

And sure enough, no sooner does the Obama administration fix on trains as an infrastructure investment then a leading conservative comes along to explain how trains are tools of Liberals and there is something innately rotten in the Liberal soul that prompts them to love high speed rail.

We no longer do policy, we do color war.

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