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'Scuse me while I vent on "Spectum Experts"

Dear supposed experts on spectrum policy who keep boring me to death by repeating the same bullcrap over and over.

1) I am sick and tired of you making dumb-ass pronouncements about the 700 MHz auction and C Block when you clearly have not bothered to look at the FCC's post-auction release of data. Anyone who talks about how "no one but Google and Verizon" bid on the C Block REAGs has shown himself or herself to be a total ignoramus who cannot be bothered to do research or a paid shill. You don't need to guess, the information is conveniently located on the FCC's auction page for Auction 73. If you have not looked at this, you are doing the equivalent of writing a graudate thesis on the basis of Cliff Notes and Wikipedia. I will totally mock you by name next time I see this.

2) Anyone who thinks the biggest problem in spectrum allocation is "definition of property rights" is either an academic or a paid shill. If you will trouble yourself to look at what is going on in Lightsquared, what happened with the wireless microphones, or any other significant problem in spectrum allocation in the last ten years, you will see the problem is not "definition of property rights" but "people do not give a shit about your stupid academic theories and are creating real life facts on the ground."

Please note there are a number of academics who actually do care about the real world. But only academics seem to be impervious to the real world.

3) The next time I see one of these supposedly new papers on spectrum, I am going to take a highlighter and mark up every goddamn paragraph and idea that is a retread of what I have seen over the last five years. There are some people doing new and exciting work, but most people in Washington seem to be intent on repeating themselves to each other. It is boring. Please stop.

The Morose Spectrum Walrus

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