osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Bamboom TV

Eventually, I will need to blog about this.

The short version here is that Bamboom rents you a little antenna in a giant array, which is hooked up to the equivalent of a DVR and a Slingbox. Critically, you cannot live stream an over the air program if you are outside the designated market are (DMA) of the broadcast, so you are not in violation of the FCC's distant signal rules.

This Rube Goldberge-esque architecture is the result of reverse engineering certain judicial decisions wrt what constitutes a violation of copyright law. This is what distinguishes Bamboom from ivi.tv.

I will add that broadcasters should love it, but they will be morons about it. Tim Wu, in his book The Master Switch, calls this "the Kronus effect." I call it the five stages of corporate grief for traditional business models.

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