osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Random Pre-Shabbos Observations

1. Am I wrong that Google is increasing the number of complexity of its doodles? I think it is an effort to boost market share, which continues to erode. If so, good. Competition is a good thing.

2. Possibly, it is GLaDOS hacking Google.

3. We received a letter from the refinance company that stated as follows:
"Upon a quality control audit of the loan documentation it was discovered that the Truth In Lending disclosure that you signed at closing was incorrect. Due to an error in our system the finance charges were under disclosed by $XXX. . . . As a result we, the lender, are obligated to refund you the amount that was under disclosed. A check for $XXX is included with this letter."

Me to Becky: We finally drew one of the good Community Chest cards!

Becky: This is so much better than second prize in that stupid beauty contest.

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