osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

What Is The Anger Equivalent of "Beer Goggles?"

Oh, the poor American electorate. They are now so angry at Republican legislators they elected last fall. In fact, in Wisconsin, dems have scored a clean sweep 6 out of 6 recall petitions against Republican State Senators (Republicans have a 50% batting average).

All of this is, IMO, enormously unfair to Republicans. After all, it is not as if the Republicans tried to hide their agenda. Heck, they ran on how they were going to cut spending, eliminate what remains of the labor movement, eliminate retirement benefits for state workers, and prevent any tax increases for the wealthy. And given the voter reaction that swept them into office (and the media coverage of same), Republicans quite reasonably assumed they had a mandate to do exactly what they promised to do. So what gives?

Two words: Beer Goggles.

American voters, all stoked with rage and bitter disappointment, went out last November on a bender to remember. Boy did those candidates look good! And they would so show those stupid Democrats who do not appreciate them or notice them that there are plenty of other political parties in the sea just waiting to pander to them, tell them how special they are, and how other people are keeping them down.

And now, the American electorate is suddenly discovering that it burns when they pee.

Oh sad, sad American electorate. Didn't you ever watch those after school specials? Don't you know that a one night stand brought on by anger goggles is just a recipe for disaster? And yes, it really is your fault. Really and truly. Republicans told you they didn't use condoms and that they were still hanging with those Koch boys, fraking away and feeling good about it. But you were all angry and not responsible for your actions. And now you're all like "why me? And why, three months after the inauguration, haven't I had my period yet?"

Oh sad, sad anger goggles. It is all their fault. How can you expect the American electorate to be responsible for its collective actions when it was angry?

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