osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

The Protest Party, A Modest Proposal.

Here's the problem: Opinion polls show both parties held in considerable disrepute, and neither party can command the trust of the people. Many people apparently don't like the choices they are voting for, but they desperately want to show unhappiness by voting against the party in charge. Unfortunately for these "protest" voters, the party they vote for then thinks people are voting for them, and go out and try to do all sorts of stuff the protest voters really don't like. Despite this, third parties have not generally had much success in the United States, in no small part I believe because they tend to contain specific platform planks or embody philosophies equally unattractive to the majority of the electorate as those of the major parties. And voting for a third party just makes them think that they have a mandate, when really the voter is saying "I'm so mad and I want you all to stop doing stupid crap."

My solution is to form a new party called the Protest Party. It's sole purpose it provide an official Protest candidate for every race. The party has no platform. If elected, each candidate promises to make a specific, fact-based decision on the actual bill presented. No, we are not going to say how we would vote on a specific issue. That misses the point. If you want to vote for something, then find a candidate that stands for something. The whole purpose of this party is to allow people to vote against something without troubling themselves about appropriate solutions. It is designed to avoid the trap of "well, I hate my current candidate, but the other side is worse." It allows voters to register a pure protest.

And if we actually win, we will reflect the true mandate of the American people "we're mad as Hell and unhappy with everything and have no idea what the heck to do about it."

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