osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Thor, The Doctor's Wife

I don't think there's much by way of spoilers, but LJ Cut just in case.

Took Aaron to see Thor. I'm not a huge Thor fan but found the movie reasonably enjoyable. I liked the portrayal of the characters, especially Loki. Basically, a fun movie none the worse for being in 3D.

Also saw the Neil Gaiman episode of Dr. Who, the Doctor's Wife. I occasionally think I am the only one on my f'list who does not go all melty over everything Neil Gaiman does. In particular, I find I have the same problems with the Neil Gaiman episode of Dr. Who that I had with the Neil Gaiman episode of Babylon 5 (Day of the Dead). Gaiman likes to explore certain character aspects, usually with lots of dark lighting and mystic overtones. The problem for me when Gaiman writes for an established series is that it does not feel like part of the series. It feels like Neil Gaiman writing a Neil Gaiman story using the characters.

The other repeated trope from B5 is also annoying: the mysterious phrase that will have Great Significance at some point later. Almost like Gaiman needs to have a hook into the future continuity of the series to keep the episode linked up to the rest of the series.

So the episode was OK, but I would have preferred the TARDIS as Doctor's great love remain symbolic rather than played out openly.

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