osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Addendum: Talks Break Down Again

At least they had the sense to wait until after the market closed.

Dear U.S. Chamber of Commerce, American Crossroads, and all the rest of the special interest PACs that funded the Republican majority in 2010.

I guess you guys are starting to feel a smidge of buyer's remorse. I mean, you guys stoked the Tea Party guys, funded their movement, bought them advertising time, helped them organize, and kept telling them how big government was THE ENEMY and if we didn't lower taxes and cut spending then America would plunge into a new dark age. And because you knew Obama and the Dems were pussies, the debt ceiling would be the perfect chance to force them them to eat all the cuts you wanted. Because there was simply no way Joe "Delaware Is For (Corporation) Lovers" Biden and Barack "So Chicago School" Obama would let things go to default. After all, that would be "irresponsible."

But you didn't really understand the Tea Party guys. You didn't appreciate they were true believers. That, unlike most other political factions, these guys are not going to be "reasonable." They cannot be bought with trinkets and insider power, like you did with the unions and civil rights. They cannot be brow beat that the alternative is worse, as happened with the Progressives. These guys know that they have been chosen by the People of the United States of America and Jesus Christ to bring down the Beast that is Obama, restore our country to the gold standard, eliminate the Federal Reserve, and above all else -- as you taught them -- cut spending and stop the destructive cycle of borrowing.

You spent months, months persuading them that nothing bad would happen if we defaulted. That horror stories about government shut downs, financial collapse, and a new recession were just scare tactics from the Evil Liar-In-Chief and some special interest cronies. You never imagined that when the time came, they would look you in the eye and say "well, I know you're scared, but really, it will be better this way. You will be stronger and debt free when it's over." You never understood that Tea Party populists have no particular fondness for the financial sector the way traditional Dems and Rs do. They hate big government in part because they believe that all the bail out money went to you guys. They think you are a bunch of special interest liars as well. The fact that they agree with you 95% of the time confused you about the other 5%.

Don't feel so bad. Lots of other folk were equally confused. Heck, if I hadn't seen the dynamic at work in Net Neutrality, I might be equally surprised that you don't own the Tea Party folks. But I saw how once the Tea Party people came to hate net neutrality, you could not shut them off. So the Republican Party is stuck fighting the net neutrality fight when you and everyone else wishes they could move on to much more pressing issues like spectrum.

Mind you, if Fox News began issuing a new pravda on why it is now good to raise the debt ceiling, you could carry a whole bunch back over to you. Ever read Animal Farm? Think of Sean Hannity as your Squealer. A pity Rupe has been too busy these days to sign off on a new pravda. Perhaps after the markets collapse you can get his attention and he and Ailes can give the Fox & Friends their new talking points. But even then, you're kinda cutting it fine. Getting this many people re-indoctrinated, after you spent so much effort inoculating them against fear of default, takes time and effort.

Anyway, you have the weekend to work it out. Meantime, see if there is any gold left now that Glenn Beck Nation has bought it all up.



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