osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

New Filk: Blasting off to LEO

On the plus side, SpaceX plans to launch a test supply capsule to ISS in November.

Which brings us back to the original plan long ago, before we went for the moon shot. Build Earth to orbit transport. Build platform in space. Use space platform to build ships that go to other places without needing to escape Earth gravity first.

But will I live to see it?

Title: Blasting Off to LEO
TTO: Rolling Down to Rio (Kipling/Longcour)

I've never been to ISS, I've never reached the Moon
But the Dragon and the Falcon may fly there very soon.
Soon weekly from New Mexico or perhaps from Hampton Roads
We'll blast off from Earth to LEO, the transfer point at LEO
I'd like to fly to LEO
Before I get too old

I'd love to fly in Spaceship3 or in Black Armadillo
Rising up 'till we reach LEO, but I suppose I never will
But I still save for tickets, for flights from Hampton Roads
Where they'll blast off for LEO, the transfer point at LEO,
I pray I get to LEO
Before I get too old

Yes someday we'll reach LEO, the transfer point at LEO
I just pray they build at LEO
Before I get to old

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