osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Nobody else seems to be wondering about this . . .

So what would happen if the Earth is really shaking apart? I keep wondering if there is some scenario in which the Earth splits into really big chunks, not just asteroid belt sized chunks. If so, what happens? Do we keep an atmosphere for a while? I assume we lose most of our gravity, depending on the size of the chunk.

But more importantly, do we attempt to build a giant dome or burrow underground in our desperate effort to survive? I like the idea of a dome -- seems a shame to miss our sky once the atmosphere boils off -- but don't think we have a strong enough transparent material.

Sadly, every time I attempt to engage people in DC in this sort of high-level emergency planning, they just look at me funny.

Still, it is probably premature to name the surviving city New Kandor . . .

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