osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

John Stewart Channels Drew Westin

Drew Westin wrote a fairly useful book for people trying to develop political messages that resonate with target audiences. His point, based on actual MRI and neuro studies as well as traditional tools like focus groups, is that people connect on an emotion/values level first, and then consider the actual merit of the argument. This does not mean they are indifferent to the merits, but that merits don't have a chance unless you can establish that you are inside the "trust" circle.

For those who read classic SF, think of the scene at the end of Foundation and Empire when Captain Pritcher is trying to convince the Darell's that his support for the Mule is not simply because the Mule has emotionally controlled him, but because it is the rational and reasonable thing. That's how people generally think -- including the part about not believing this applies to themselves.

John Stewart captures all of this (including the neuro stuff) in his latest segment of "Oh My God! Rick Perry Is Going To Be Our Next President!"


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