osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Inspired by Gnomi & Morning video

A Jewish filk inspired by watching the Clam Chowder DVD we picked up and then reading a recent post by Gnomi.

TTO: Running Down to Cuba (as sung by Clam Chowder)

I have a girl named Havannah Gilah
Way me boys for Cuba!
She only runs with the bachurim with milah
An we're running down to Cuba!

On a Kosher Cruise we are bound away!
Way me boys for Cuba!
Rise for hashkamah at the breaking of the day
And we're running down to Cuba!

I love to dance with my Havannah Gilah
Way me boys for Cuba!
It's a shame that she's shomeret n'giah
And we're running down to Cuba!


I met her in the ballroom for a glass of tea
Way me boys . . .
Just my little Havannah, 20 aidim, and me
And we're running down

I asked my Havannah to be my g'verette
Way me boys . . .
But she told me it wouldn't be ba'sheret
And we're running down . . .


(feel free to add verses)

bachurim = Young men
milah = short for brit milah, circumcision
hashkamah = Refers to a minyan (prayer group) that meets at the ealiest possible time for the recitation of the morning prayers.
shomeret n'giah = observant of the laws prohibitting contact between men and women.
aidim = witnesses. Jewish law prohibits a man and a woman not married from each other from being secluded together.
g'verette = Lit. woman. Coll. "Mrs."
ba'sheret = Intended by God. In Jewish tradition, God intends a particular mate for each person, that person is your "ba'sheret." "Ba'sheret" is also generally applied to something that appears to be chance (especially if negative) but is intended by God because it creates a positive result. (e.g., "It was ba'sheret I was working late, because it meant I was here when you called.")

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