osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Brief note on Gilad Shalit Proposed Swap

According to this article in Ha'aretz, the terms are pretty much what one would expect. Fairly lopsided ratio (about 1:1000 for the release), which is the norm.

What I find interesting, as always, is the political dynamic. It comes at a time when both Egypt and Hamas have incentive to show political relevance, Prisoner release is extremely popular with the Palestinians, and this is being celebrated in Gaza, the PA generally, and the Arab world as a victory. The Egyptians score points with both sides as an honest broker, particularly since the European mediator was excluded in the final talks, and remind everyone that despite the current shift to a more hostile attitude to Israel, Egypt is still positioned as the best existing mediator between Hamas and Israel. But it is also useful to Netanyahu, as the continued imprisonment of Gilad Shalit has been a sore point.

Hopefully, nothing will screw it up before it happens.

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