osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

I Am Roasted In Cardboard Effigy

The video from the Public Knowledge IP3 award roast is now up. Of the 4 official roasters, only Tom Power (a fellow spectrum geek) roasted me (the rest focused solely on my boss, Gigi). I think I did better in cardboard then I would have in real life. Unfortunately, even though our tech person spent hours scrubbing and trying to enhance the audio, it is still pretty awful. Lessons learned for next year in terms of audio set up.

For those who may wonder at some of the jokes:

1. The location for the even was a function space at Union Station in downtown DC.

2. Derek Turner is at Free Press. When he was running the org as interim policy director, he and I occasionally had disagreements over whether we were being sufficiently aggressive with regard to holding the Administration to task.


Link: http://blip.tv/publicknowledge/2011-public-knowledge-roast-tom-power-5657711


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