osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Conservatives Concerned Republican Party Becoming "The Stupid Party."

This is the latest in a trend that has been building for awhile by conservative intellectuals bemoaning the Republican Party's continued descent into know-nothing extremism and ideological intolerance. Such columns are not really new. What is new is that these conservatives have given up on blaming everyone equally and are now pretty much pleading with their party to stop hating on anything that appears unduly "elite," such as education and intellectual rigor.

My feeling is -- y'all have the party you deserve. Conservative intellectuals pretty much flipped out with the rest of their party when Obama won in 2008 and opted to take the plunge down the rabbit hole into denial and vituperative attack. As I remarked to one Libertarian opposite number: "dammit, you know what a Socialist is! You know Obama isn't one. Why do you keep ranting as if he is?" A handful of my friends and opposite numbers managed to avoid the conversion to such ravings, but many of them ended up going the way of David Frum -- ostracized for daring to remind their party's intellectual elite that it is possible to engage intellectually and that compromise that yielded movement in a generally conservative direction should be encouraged, not rejected as apostasy.

And now, lo and behold! with Congress in the grip of True Believer conservatives and the election prospects for 2012 growing dimmer as a result, the intellectual wing of the Conservative movement has awakened from its torpor to wonder why it is trapped in a ship of fools heading over Niagara Falls. "How on Earth did this happen?" They ask themselves, while taking Koch Brothers money to produce absurdities to order in policy land.

All I can say is sit back and enjoy the ride over the falls. You paid for the ticket, you might as well relax and get your money's worth.

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