osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

There is an advantage to being honest all the time . . .

Back during the USF fight in October, I wrote a blog post about why I thought Comcast deserved to get shafted on access charges.

I sent an email to the various 8th floor advisors to direct their attention to it in which I said: "OK, I'm bitter. But to have Comcast wage Jihad against Title II and then come back and demand compensation because their network is "just like a telephone network" pisses me off."

Interestingly, someone apparently thought the email was sufficiently substantive to file in the FCC's electronic database, so this is now a matter of public record.

Such an outburst might be considered intemperate in anyone else. But since the blog post says "Yeah, I'm bitter, but after Comcast waged nonstop Jihad against Title II, they deserve the deregulated Nirvana they created," it is hardly a revelation.

There is an advantage to public consistency.

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