osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

PIPA Cloture vote delayed

w00t! First AT&T, now this. Who says we can't kick special-interest ass in Washington!

And of course they will be back. And of course there will be all kinds of ways things can still get screwed up, go bad, nothing ever changes and everything's shitty. The clever cynical liberals will find clever cynical things to say.

To them I say "whatever."

We kicked ass. That we will need to get them stompin' boots on for more ass-kicking next week is not a problem. That's what being a grown up is about.

UPDATE: Lamar Smith, last SOPA loyalist holdout, bows to inevitable. I will say this for Republicans, they are smarter than Reid, even in defeat. Note difference in language and tone. Smith conveys he is now on the side of the people. Reid conveys "I am a snarling cur who will still bite you for my master if you turn your back."

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