osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Special request to all the bards and poets on my f'list

A boon I beg/ Oh Best of Skalds
This day our foes/ Though Fierce and feared
Sounded Surrender/ Sent back to their Meadhalls
PIPA and SOPA/ Punished like Thralls
Traitorus Counselors/ Cursed and confounded

Hail to the Heroes/ Who Honored their oaths
Spurning red gold/ Given to oathbreakers
Grant them wordfame/ Workers of staves
That hearts shall take heed/ That heroes still triumph
Tell them oh Skalds/ School them in virtue
Lest warriors weary/ Like women in labor*
Tremble and weep/ When the time comes for war

("And Israel shall tremble as a woman in labor." Isiah)

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