osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Why I Do This

So I was on a panel here at ITEXPO "Superwifi" Summit on the pending spectrum legislation and how it impacts TVWS. Answer: House version sucks, but we can fight to win here.

I followed 3 other lawyers on this. What is it about my colleagues that makes them say things in a way to induce snoozefests? mind you, I gave part of the answer when I started my talk. "I do not have a product in play, therefore I can say what I want." I gave a modest little pep talk on the state of play and a strategy for wining, concluding with: "After AT&T/T-Mo and SOPA/PIPA, I've developed a taste for ass-kicking. I hope you have too."

Afterwards, one of the WISP operators from TN came up to talk to me. He was horrified that "Marsha" (Rep. Marsha Blackburn) was on the wrong side of this. I explained that AT&T spends a lot of time saying that no one is using the unlicensed stuff and that Marsha needed to hear from him directly. On the way out, he turned to his friend: "Sorry to hold you up, but I wanted to ask that guy. He's the only one I knew would answer my question without any qualifiers or ambiguities."

Speaking truth and kicking ass. It's why I stay in this job despite the heartbreaks.

That and comparing Greg Walden to Elmer Fudd.

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