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Random updates

A few random updates here.

Becky and Aaron continue to suffer the permicious effects of rag weed pollen, while my more mellow immune systems continues to say "it's a _PLANT_ protien people!" Becky is so miserable she is now longing for winter, and anyone who knows Becky knows how desperate she has to be to think longingly of snow and subzero temperatures.

I'm longing for winter as well, but it's my favorite season. All crisp and bright and stuuf (and my birthday!).

Work is frustrating, as our new attorney will not start for another two weeks, which is too late for me to foist off my low pwer FM work and cable work. I've been working on these issues all summer and by now they have all the excitement of chewing my cud. I long to get back into the thick of things on spectrum and broadband and other issues.

I _like_ the LPFM people mind. They are a fun community of folks and their work after Katrina was heroic. But as a lawyer, the work they present is not terribly interesting. The folks at Prometheus radio have learned how to do the policy and lobbying and only come to me for the boring legal stuff and puting things in legalese.

That's how it should be, of course. The idea is to empower these folks to speak for themselves, not to create a dependancy, but it makes for much duller work than "how are we going to revolutionize regulation of spectrum."

On the cable side, I'm just tired of it. This makes the third filing of saying essentially the same thing -- this time on behalf of local governments. I was much more psyched to do this back in July.

On the happy side, I saw Gwen and France and Gavin and new husband whose name I've forgotten and will have trouble remembering until it has been told to me enough times. Got a call from Gwen this afternoon saying "we're coming in to DC to see the Smithsonian and France says you work nearby." So I said "want to do lunch?" So we met at Eli's, the kosher place downtown. Very pleasant. Gavin is certainly growing into quite the mensch. I hope the British girls find the American accent charming.

I'd been afraid I wouldn't get to see them while they were on this coast, as my work schedule is going to keep me busy the next few days. So the unexpected opportunity was a delieghtful little gem.

I have a few trips coming up, but they are likely to get lost in the clutter here. Will post separately.\

Back to chewing my cud. Yummers.

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