osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Tu B'Shvat and Taxes

Today is Tu B'svhat. Despite efforts to make this into a Jewish arbor day, it is at its core the end/beginning of the fiscal year for trees. All fruit produced prior to today belongs to the previous year's tithes. All fruit today and onward counts towards this year's tithes.

This got me reflecting on the clever device in our religion to make every tax day a religious experience and day of celebration. We did the same thing with the annual donation of the half-shekel (generally associating that with religious holidays). We do it with the "redeeming of the first born."

I wonder if Americans would feel better about paying taxes if everyone got the day off and we embedded in our culture how our taxes go to pay for lots of useful things around us like roads and stuff. Probably not.

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